Application of an ultra-wide band sensor-free wireless network for ground monitoring

Intrieri E., G. Gigli, T. Gracchi, M. Nocentini, L. Lombardi, F. Mugnai, W. Frodella, G. Bertolini, E. Carnevale, M. Favalli, A. Fornaciai, J.Marturià Alavedra, L. Mucchi, L. Nannipieri, X. Rodriguez-Lloveras, M.Pizziolo, R. Schina, F. Trippi, N. Casagli (2018).
Engineering Geology, 238/2, 1-14,


Ground displacement monitoring is one of the most important aspects of early warning systems and risk management strategies when addressing phenomena such as landslides or subsidence. Several types of instrumentation already exist, but those able to provide real-time warnings on multiple time series are typically based on expensive technology, highlighting the need to develop a low-cost, easy to install system suitable for emergency monitoring. Therefore, a wireless network based on ultra-wideband impulse radiofrequency technology has been realized. The novelty of this network consists of its ability to measure the distance between nodes using the same signals used for transmission without the need for an actual measurement sensor. The system was tested by monitoring a mudflow in Central Italy and revealed its suitability as an early warning tool. More research on the integration of future low-cost hardware and eventual industrialization would provide further improvement to this promising technology.

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