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Post-caldera eruptions at the Valles Caldera, New Mexico (USA)

SEMINARIO: Speaker: Amanda ClarkeAffiliation: Arizona State University (School of Earth and Space Exploration)Date: 13th December 2023Time: 11:00 AMHosted by: INGV Sezione di Pisa Abstract Many calderas remain restless after large-volume eruptions, and Valles caldera is a classic example of a restless, resurgent caldera.  The Valles caldera…

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Seminari del 13 novembre 2023

Hosted by: INGV Sezione di Pisa Title: From field to microstructural investigation of a carbonate-hosted fault zone: Implication for fluid rock interaction and seismic slipSpeaker: Rocco NovellinoTime: 11:00 AM Summary The role of fluids as a seismic triggering source is a well know process supported by numerous studies. In what…

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