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2004-05 Mt. Etna compound lava flow field: orthophotos and topography The 2004-05 lava field evolution was reconstructed using technologies, data and methods spanning from remote to on-situ techniques, from active to passive sensors, from mono- to multi-view photogrammetry, from digital terrain modeling to GIS analysis.Fornaciai A., D. Andronico, M. Favalli, L. Spampinato, S. Branca, L. Lodato, A. Bonforte, L. Nannipieri
Historical Catalog of Major Explosions and Paroxysms at STROMBOLI (ITALY).This is the dataset of the major explosions and paroxysms record at Stromboli from 1879 to 1960, as reconstructed through a detailed review of scientific literature of the last ca. 140 years. The catalog includes the calendar date and phenomena descriptions for 120 explosive events, of which 32 were paroxysms.Bevilacqua A., Bertagnini A., Pompilio M. N., Landi P., Del Carlo P., Di Roberto A., Piccione C., and Neri A. (2020). Historical catalog of Major explosions and paroxysms at Stromboli (Italy) (1.0) [Data set]. Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV).
INSTANCE - The Italian seismic dataset for machine learningINSTANCE is a data collection of more than 1.3 million seismic waveforms originating from a selection of about 54,000 earthquakes occurred since 2005 in Italy and surrounding regions and seismic noise recordings randomly extracted from event free time windows of the continuous waveforms archive. The purpose is to provide reference datasets useful to develop and test seismic data processing routines based on machine learning and deep learning frameworks. The primary source of this information is ISIDe (Italian Seismological Instrumental and Parametric Data-Base) for earthquakes and the Italian node of EIDA ( for seismic data. All the waveforms have been sized to a 120 s window, preprocessed and resampled at 100 Hz. For each trace we provide a large number of parameters as metadata, either derived from event information or computed from trace data. Associated metadata allow for the identification of the source, the station, the path travelled by seismic waves and assessment of the trace quality. The total size of the data collection is about 330 GB. Waveforms files are available either in counts or ground motion units in hdf5 format to facilitate fast access from commonly used machine learning frameworks.Michelini A., S. Cianetti, S. Gaviano, C. Giunchi, D. Jozinovic and V. Lauciani. INSTANCE – the Italian seismic dataset for machine learning, Earth Syst. Sci. Data Discuss. [preprint],, in review, 2021
SurfItA seamless digital elevation model of the whole Italian territory, named TINITALY/01, was presented in 2007 (Tarquini et al. 2007*). This DEM was obtained starting from the achievement of the DIGITALIA project, which previously involved the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia in a general agreement with the Italian Ministero dell'Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio for the derivation of separate DEMs of single administrative regions of Italy. The whole DEM database as a 10 m-cell size grid, in the UTM WGS 84 zone 32 projection system, is now available for research purposes upon motivated request (see the link download)Tarquini S., I. Isola , M. Favalli , F. Mazzarini, M. Bisson, M.T. Pareschi, E. Boschi (2007). TINITALY/01: a new Triangular Irregular Network of Italy, Annals of Geophysics, 50, 407-425.
The 2023 Unmanned Aerial System surveys of the Stromboli Island NE flank: the Digital Surface Model and the orthophotoThe 2023 Unmanned Aerial System surveys of the Stromboli Island NE flank: the Digital Surface Model and the orthophotoNannipieri L., F. Di Traglia, M. Favalli, A. Bevilacqua, A. Fornaciai
TINITALY onLineThis website is dedicated to the visualization of anaglyph or shaded relief images obtained from the TINITALY/01 digital elevation model (DEM) covering the whole Italian territory. Users wearing specific glasses, can browse the anaglyph-mode (i.e. stereo) views of the DEM to see the model in 3D.
Tarquini S., Isola I., Favalli M., Mazzarini F., Bisson M., Pareschi M.T., Boschi E. (2007). TINITALY/01: a new Triangular Irregular Network of Italy. Annals of Geophysics 50, 407 - 425.
VMSgThe main objective of this portal is to gather knowledge, data and tools regarding physical and mathematical models in volcanology, placing emphasis on the computational approach and numerical techniques.Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia - Sezione di Pisa