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Global Volume Distribution for Subaerial Volcanism on Earth

Global distribution of eruption volumes for VEI 0 – 8 eruptions. a) Distributions obtained by maintaining separation between eruptions belonging to different VEI classes. The red and orange symbols on one side, and the blue and green symbols on the other side, refer to data with only consistent, or…

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Thematic vent opening probability maps and hazard assessment of small-scale pyroclastic density currents in the San Salvador volcanic complex (El Salvador) and Nejapa-Chiltepe volcanic complex (Nicaragua)

Figure 8. Inundation probability of small-scale PDC at the San Salvador volcanic complex derived from the systematic application of the branching energy cone model (Aravena et al., 2020a) and the vent opening probability map shown in Fig. 4. (a) Mean value. (b) 5th percentile. (c) 95th percentile. Inundation probability is…

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