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Observation of the Earth using a Sagnac Interferomete

| 20 Febbraio 2015 | ore 11:30 | Dott. Andrè Gebauer – Technische Universitat Munchen | INGV Sezione di Pisa, Via della Faggiola 35 – Pisa


The Sagnac interference is known by more than 100 years; however, due to technological limitations, the technique has become accessible as an instrument for geophysics and geodesy only during the last decade. The Instrument, an active ring laser, spans about 12 orders of magnitude in the frequency range measuring rotations with a resolution of a few prad/s unaffected by translational motions. The ring laser observes continuously signals caused by Earth’s noise over local rotations at high frequencies up to effects caused by changes in the Earth rotation. Each frequency band contains signal to be understood, thus requiring different instrumental characteristics and specific data preparation and analysis. In this talk, I provide an overview about the instrumental measurement of ground rotation, in turn describing the procedures for data processing and interpretation.