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Mount Melbourne and Mount Rittmann

Fig. 17. Thermal image of the fumarolic area at Mount Rittmann. The higher temperature at the soil surface was around 17°C, while in the air was around −10°C. The thermal survey has been useful for focusing on the hotter fumaroles that are more suitable for gas sampling.

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Marine record of Antarctic volcanism from drill cores

Fig. 6. Representative example of a sedimentary log with several tephra layers present: Unit 7.2 (107.87 and 116.86 m bsf ) of the CRP-2 core modified from Armienti et al. (2001) and Fielding and CRP Science Team (2001). Photographs of the logged core are also shown, with the main…

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Paroxysms at Stromboli Volcano (Italy): Source, Genesis and Dynamics

FIGURE 9. Timescales representative of magmatic processes calculated from Fe–Mg diffusion modeling compared to Fo (mol%) concentration profiles in olivine crystals from samples ST07-19 (July 2019) and ST207 (1456). Modeling was performed using the DIPRA software (Girona and Costa, 2013). Natural data (black) with error bars and calculated diffusion…

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The use of historical cartography and ALS technology to map the geomorphological changes of volcanic areas: A case study from Gran Cono of Somma-Vesuvius volcano

Fig. 9. 3D perspective views of the morphological changes for different time frames: a) 1876–1906; b) 1906–1929; c) 1929–1944; d) the whole investigated period (1876–1944). Bisson M., A. Tadini, R. Gianardi, A. Angioletti (2021).Geomorphology, volume 380, Abstract The eruptive activity of a volcano modifies…

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Einstein Telescope: al via la campagna di misure geofisiche

In Sardegna procedono le misurazioni scientifiche per la caratterizzazione del sito delle miniere di Sos Enattos, a Lula, per la realizzazione dell’osservatorio di onde gravitazionali di terza generazione Einstein Telescope. Oggi, 20 gennaio 2020, in Sardegna, avrà inizio l’installazione della prima rete di sensori sismici su larga scala per una…

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