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Public earthquake communication in Italy through a multi-source social media platform: the INGVterremoti experience (2010-2022)

Pignone M., A. Amato, C. Nostro, E. Casarotti, C. Meletti, M. Quintiliani, V. Lauciani (2022). Frontiers in Earth Science, 10. Abstract Communicating scientific information about earthquakes is an important and delicate issue in countries like Italy,where seismic risk is high. Furthermore, continuous and scientifically sound communication…

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Shallow portion of an active geothermal system revealed by multidisciplinary studies: the case of Le Biancane (Larderello, Italy)

Figure 1.a) Geologic sketch map of the Larderello-Travale Geothermal Field (modified after Liotta and Brogi, 2020). The red dot in the inset is the location of the LTGF; b) Geological sketch section (A-A’ in Fig. 1a; modified after Arias et al., 2010 and Liotta and Brogi, 2020). c) Sketch showing the surface manifestation and the general movement…

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