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MISARA: Matlab Interface for Seismo-Acoustic aRray Analysis

Figure 1. Overview of Matlab Interface for Seismo-Acoustic aRray Analysis (MISARA). (a) Data preparation window for data preparation and formatting. (b) Home window, the main panel for management of all functionalities of MISARA. (c) Data pre-processing modules for data quality control. (d) Signal features modules provide access to data processing,…

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Public earthquake communication in Italy through a multi-source social media platform: the INGVterremoti experience (2010-2022)

Pignone M., A. Amato, C. Nostro, E. Casarotti, C. Meletti, M. Quintiliani, V. Lauciani (2022). Frontiers in Earth Science, 10. Abstract Communicating scientific information about earthquakes is an important and delicate issue in countries like Italy,where seismic risk is high. Furthermore, continuous and scientifically sound communication…

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