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Thematic vent opening probability maps and hazard assessment of small-scale pyroclastic density currents in the San Salvador volcanic complex (El Salvador) and Nejapa-Chiltepe volcanic complex (Nicaragua)

Figure 8. Inundation probability of small-scale PDC at the San Salvador volcanic complex derived from the systematic application of the branching energy cone model (Aravena et al., 2020a) and the vent opening probability map shown in Fig. 4. (a) Mean value. (b) 5th percentile. (c) 95th percentile. Inundation probability is…

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Mount Melbourne and Mount Rittmann

Fig. 17. Thermal image of the fumarolic area at Mount Rittmann. The higher temperature at the soil surface was around 17°C, while in the air was around −10°C. The thermal survey has been useful for focusing on the hotter fumaroles that are more suitable for gas sampling.

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Marine record of Antarctic volcanism from drill cores

Fig. 6. Representative example of a sedimentary log with several tephra layers present: Unit 7.2 (107.87 and 116.86 m bsf ) of the CRP-2 core modified from Armienti et al. (2001) and Fielding and CRP Science Team (2001). Photographs of the logged core are also shown, with the main…

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