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A framework for validation and benchmarking of pyroclastic current models

Example of a hierarchy of validation tiers for pyroclastic currents. (A) Complete system (public domain photo courtesy of B. Voight, Penn State University). (B) Subsystem (public domain photo courtesy of Jonathan Stone). (C) Benchmark case (photo courtesy of G. Lube, Massey University, NZ). (D) Unit problem (picture modified after Hallworth…

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Comparative analysis of the structures and outcomes of geophysical flow models and modeling assumptions using uncertainty quantification

Figure 2. Volcán de Colima—comparison between max flow height maps of simulated flow, assuming MC (a,d), PF (b,e), and VS (c,f) models. Extreme cases—(a–c) max. volume–min. resistance and (d–f) min. volume–max. resistance. Patra A.K., A. Bevilacqua, A. Akhavan-Safaei, E.B. Pitman, M.I. Bursik, and D. Hyman (2020).Frontiers in Earth Science, doi:…

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