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Structured elicitation of expert judgement in real-time eruption scenarios

Figure 1:[A] La Réunion island; [B] enlargement of [A]with the indication of key elements for the target ques-tions described in Section3.1.2. Grey lines are mainroads, the blue line is the line of steepest descent, theorange dashed line is the limit of the Enclos Fouquécaldera. CoordinatesareexpressedintheUTM-WGS8440S system. Service Layer Credits, source:…

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MagmaFOAM-1.0: a modular framework for the simulation of magmatic systems 

Brogi F., S. Colucci, J. Matrone, C.P. Montagna, M. de’ Michieli Vitturi, P. Papale (2022).Geoscientific Model Development, 15, 3773–3796,, 2022 Abstract Numerical simulations of volcanic processes play a fundamental role in understanding the dynamics of magma storage, ascent, and eruption. The recent extraordinary progress in…

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