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Big volcano science: needs and perspectives

Possible scheme for a Digital Twin of a volcanic system. Models and data concur to scenarios and forecasts. Models are continuously tested and refined, e.g., by adding more or better microphysics. Both data and models are accompanied by quality assessments and certification. Third parties access data and models, as well…

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Volcanic Hazard Assessment at the Campi Flegrei Caldera, Italy

PDC invasion hazard maps based on the areal size distributions and vent opening probability maps of Bevilacqua et al. (2017). Contours and colours indicate the mean percentage probability of PDC invasion conditional on the occurrence of an explosive event a originating inland in the western sector, b originating inland in…

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Comparison of deep learning techniques for the investigation of a seismic sequence: an application to the 2019, Mw 4.5 Mugello (Italy) earthquake

Figura 1.a) Seismic stations belonging to the INSN permanent (IV) and to the additional temporary network (9M). Blue and red colours denote which stations are being used in catalogs MIV and M9M, respectively. See text for details. b) Mw=4.5, December 09 2019 mainshock focal mechanism (, Scognamiglio et al. (2006))…

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